• Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

    Be slim and look great

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  • Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

    Feel confident in your body

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  • Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

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  • Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

    be naturally slim

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Lose Weight with Hypnosis

Are you ready to lose weight and feel great? You’re in the right place because it’s our specialty.

With hypnotherapy losing weight does not have to be a struggle or a compromise.

Because it works!

Losing weight is one of the most effective results of hypnotherapy.

A number of studies show that hypnotherapy is effective for weight loss. There are also a number of people, including celebrities, who have lost weight with hypnotherapy.

Simply Natural

Weight loss hypnotherapy promotes a healthier eating and exercise approach.

Drug free, without any restrictions or forced diets. It’s the way a naturally slim person eats, without denial, supplements or required foods.

This is the healthy way to lead yourself to your ideal weight, and complements any lifestyle, diet or fitness plan.

All in your mind

Weight loss hypnotherapy targets the brain.

It’s the brain that is the cause of your being overweight, and that’s where hypnotherapy looks for answers.

For you this means that we are working on the underlying causes of your weight. It’s time well spent helping you become a a naturally slimmer you.

A meta-analysis study reviewed 31 previous research studies testing 13 different alternative weight loss resources. Their conclusion:

hypnosis was the only reliable and safe resource found to promote effective and consistent weight loss as a legitimate complement to diet and

exercise. The remaining 12 resources not demonstrating effective weight loss included various popular dietary supplements, homeopathy, and


Pittler, M.H., & Ernst, E.Complementary therapies for reducing body weight: A systematic review. International Journal of Obesity

Just imagine…


…you are slim and looking great.

…feeling confident in your body.

…you are able to wear what you want.

…being naturally slim.

How Hypnosis Helps

Positive Change

Hypnotherapy works holistically to create change by recruiting unconscious mind and aligning it with your conscious intentions.

For you this means that it’s possible to remove unconscious desires, like desires to overeat, or emotional eating. It’s also possible to let go of old behaviours that are no longer serving you, so that you can move ahead without letting past experiences weigh you down.

End denial, end cravings

Diets dictate what you eat – or try to. The reality is that we’re terrible at being told what to do. If I’m told to avoid some food or other, you can be sure that it’s the thing I will really crave.

Hypnotherapy is different. Hypnotherapy works from the inside out. It changes the way you want to eat and changes your relationship with food.

For this reason there are no forbidden foods. So there is no denial. For you this means the freedom to get back in touch with your body and eat like a naturally slim person.

No guilt, feel great

Feeling guilty is not a sign of a good relationship with food.

Weight loss hypnotherapy allows you to make peace with the food you eat and with your body.

This means that you can eat what you want without having to feel guilty about eating, because you will want a balanced diet. You can feel great when you’re alone, and equally great in company and surrounded by food.

Think different – think lifestyle

Diets try to change what we eat. If you are overweight, it is your thinking that stops you from losing weight.

Hypnotherapy gives you the chance to think differently about food. This means you can undo the effect of years of worrying about your weight by stopping those limiting thought processes.

And all of this allows you to naturally get to your ideal and healthy weight.

What options are available?

Hypnotherapy Sessions

Be in charge of your own weight loss.

Just come along, explain what you want and we will work on it together.

If you want on-demand support while being in control, then this is for you.

Great if you are tired of the endless cycle of yo-yo dieting, or just want to lose weight with the minimum of fuss and complication.

Start Losing Weight Now!


The HypnoDiet program is a series of 6 sessions. It is designed to teach you the skills and strategies of naturally slim people so that you can integrate them into your lifestyle and feel great while enjoying food.

You set your own pace, and can do the program over up to three months.

Also included are

  • hypnotherapy audio MP3s to boost the work done during the sessions.
  • Free backup and support for 6 months.

Accountability Program

If you need a little push with your weight loss efforts then this may be the right program for you.

lasting 6-weeks, our accountability program keeps you accountable for your weight loss and helps you stay on track. It is designed using hypnotherapy and NLP technologies, and includes features such as:

  • 24/7 messaging support
  • Daily Contact
  • Hypnotherapy Audios
  • Ensuring weight loss is fun
  • Guaranteed results.