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    Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis Services – Getting What You Want

This page outlines the weight hypnosis services I offer to give you an idea of what I do and how I work. A typical session will not be limited to a particular category, and typically contains portions of a few of the services listed on this page.


Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Hardly a week goes by without obesity or some related topic being in the news. From child obesity to the growing number of obese people, it’s a favourite topic with the media, and we have all heard about the benefits of keeping a healthy weight.

Knowing this, most people seem to turn to diets and other ways of controlling what they eat. This deals with the food aspect, and as you may know from experience, it’s not effective at shedding weight and keeping weight off. Not unless you want to spend all your time on a diet, that is.

Hypnotherapy is different. My hypnotherapy for weight loss program is centered around identifying the underlying cause of your weight gain and obesity, and dealing with it effectively and permanently. This allows you to eat in a normal way and keep the weight you lose off.


Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is a hypnotic process aimed at reducing the amount of food you consume, in a similar way that the surgical procedure does.

While the surgical gastric band procedure has a successful track record, it is an uncomfortable course of action, with many patients experiencing side effects such as food regurgitation or nausea, some to the point where the band needs to be removed. It also requires you to be severely overweight, and can be a costly option in terms of both money and time.

The hypnotic gastric band doesn’t carry these risks. No surgery. No wait list, and a fraction of the cost. I use a combination of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and hypnotherapy to convince the unconscious mind to make your stomach feel smaller, allowing you to feel satisfied with smaller portions while still eating what you want.

Hypnotic Gastric Band


Mindful Eating

Eating and food have become rituals that we do without paying attention. Emptying a bag of crisps in front of the TV, putting more food into a larger bowl or scoffing down a sandwich at lunchtime are some examples of food related activities that we can perform mindlessly, without paying any attention.

Do you pay attention to how full you are feeling, or to how much food remains on the plate? If you are one of those who will always try to finish what they’re eating, then you may benefit from adopting mindful eating habits.

My mindfulness techniques helps you pay attention to your body and mind. Natural indicators like how full you are and whether or not you’re still enjoying what you’re eating. Adopting these habits will help you better identify the moment when you want to stop eating. And mindful eating also helps you become more aware of your food’s taste, textures and the whole eating experience, so you can eat less while enjoying it more.

Some people have a sweet tooth and love sugar, cake or biscuits, while chocolate is the poison of choice for others.

Whatever the trigger, the effect is the same: A loss of control brought about by the presence or thought of some food types.

Whatever the specific food that weakens your resolve, using the latest hypnosis methods you can strengthen your self control in order to enjoy these foods with the confidence that you are in control of your behaviour.

Food Addictions


Mindful Eating

With eating disorders such as Anorexia, Bulimia and Binge Eating Disorder, my main priority is to re-establish a more healthy relationship with food.

Eating disorders tend to be varied in their causes, and I find that it is generally helpful to discover the source of the disorder, and work from there and work from there to change the established behaviour patterns.

This service is typically highly customised to the individual concerned, so it is best to contact me with any questions

Towards a Healthier Lifestyle

Our lifestyle is determined by the 20% of the choices we make that give us 80% of the results.

Are you making the right choices resulting in the lifestyle you want to live?

If you’re like many people I see, then there is a part of you that stops you from doing this. And it only takes 20% self-sabotage. It’s the little habits that count, like not making use of your gym membership or shopping like you have an empty stomach, that sort of thing can set you back.

If that sounds like you, then we should have a conversation. Using techniques for understanding and communicating with that unconscious part of you that makes these choices, I can help you move towards the lifestyle you want.

Weight hypnosis services - Lifestyle Help