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    I can help you think yourself thin

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The Hypnodiet

Change Your mindset from fat to slim

The Hypnodiet is about turning the way you think about food upside down. It’s about changing your mentality from fat to slim.

See, there are differences between the ways fat and slim people act, think and feel.

Over the course of your life you may have changed your thinking from that of a naturally slim person to that of a fat person. And that updated mentality keeps you there.

Take portion size as an example. slim people do not think about portion size or how many calories are in their food. A slim person just eats; then stops. Likewise, a naturally slim person does not think about weight gain, body image, dieting and whether they have been ‘good’ enough to eat that cupcake.

These are ways of thinking that we have learned after gaining weight. And they are not helping us shed it.

Our thoughts and our actions are linked. The Hypnodiet works on your thoughts and actions, so you can be that naturally slim person.

Is this the program for you?

  • No Deprivation

    The first rule of the hypnodiet is that there are no rules.

    It’s back to basics, back to the sort of relationship people have with food before they learn unhealthy habits. And for you that means nothing is forbidden, no counting or weighing, no forced menus. It’s freedom to live and eat as you want. And using hypnosis I will ensure that you can enjoy food, make good choices and exercise regularly.

    This means you can reach your target weight without starving yourself or stressing about it.

  • From Inside

    The Hypnodiet is the mentality revolution that works from the inside out to make you the weight you want to be.

    It covers the mental, physical and emotional aspects of your relationship with food, which means that you are free to just eat again, without any worries or concerns.

    The Hypnodiet tackles the reasons behind any weight problem you may have. This means that you can truly let go of things that were holding you back and move on as a free, healthy person.

  • Think Thin

    This is not a traditional diet.

    Hypnosis is the technology that makes all this possible. The Hypnodiet puts the focus where it should be: On the thought patterns that are stopping us from being thin. It’s healthy, sane and free from obsessions. And radically different from traditional diets and ways of thinking.

    If you’ve tried dieting and found that it’s not for you, then the Hypnodiet may be.

What’s in it for you?

Skills and Strategies

Willpower is a myth.

Most people who don’t lose weight because they don’t have the right skills and techniques to successfully lose weight.

This is a program that’s about your thoughts as much as it is about your actions. In this program I give you the right skills and strategies to lose weight effectively. And make sure it stays off for good.

Enjoy Food

Food is an important aspect of our lives. It’s family, it’s social, it’s lifestyle.

And we tend to obsess about it. Unhealthily. About food, about events where food is served, about people bringing us food. This program ensures you have the right attitude towards food. The right relationship with food to enjoy it.

This means that you can attend any event with confidence that you are going to feel good around the food present and eat right.

Feel Good

Getting healthy and losing weight should be fun and make you feel good. I will teach you how.

This isn’t a quick fix, it’s a change for life. And there is no reason you shouldn’t feel great from the start!

Integration with your Lifestyle

This is a one to one program personalised for you. This ensures that the Hypnodiet fits in with your lifestyle so that you can change with the least conscious effort on your part.

So we can work around any individual challenges you may have, such as stress, lack of time or family members who keep bringing you food you don’t want.

What this means for you is that if you are motivated to lose weight and be naturally slim, this is a program you can join and follow easily.