As a hypnotist and coach, my business revolves around trust so I want to be very clear about the content on my website and how I make money from this website.

Names and case studies.

Any quotes on the site (including on the blog) are from actual individuals who have used my services if they imply that they are. The names of those persons are changed and any personally identifiable information has been removed. All quotes are quoted using exactly the same words provided by the client, but not necessarily in full. The full version of any quotes used may be obtained by contacting us.

There are cases where clients are referred to by name – either in the blog posts or in the main pages. In these cases the names correspond to real clients we have seen, and the problems described are actual problems. In order to protect the confidentiality of our service and the anonymity of our clients, names and other data will have been changed in these stories.


I earn money primarily by selling products and services as described on the main pages, and by public speaking. This is reflected in my pages.